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About Wonderworks Orlando

Wonderworks in Orlando, Florida, is a popular amusement park that focuses on fun and engaging learning experiences. Wonderworks Orlando tickets allow you to indulge in 100+ educational fun activities in this amazing place. As soon as you visit wonderworks, you notice the upside-down and tilted structure of the unique park welcoming you. With wonderworks Orlando tickets, you can access the adventure area of wonder zones to access multiple rare attractions like the weather zone. You can enjoy the thrills of a 74 mph hurricane-like environment, feel the chills of a shockwave at the earthquake cafe, and witness extreme colds at 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

To explain to you the movement of electric current, the Tesla Coil zone allows you to create artificial electric lightning. Furthermore, tickets to wonderworks let you try the best mimicry of an aeronautical suit at space discovery. For enjoying an immersive experience, you can feel the simulations at the 4D XD theater. If you seek adventure, you can get thrilled by rope climbing up to 36 ft or try a laser tag fight with your friends. You can end your day at Magic Comedy Dinner Show to eat a scrumptious meal of pepperoni pizza, cheese, and some wine while watching and laughing at the comedy show.

Buying Wonderworks Orlando Ticket Online

Booking wonderworks Orlando tickets is a great way to grab your spot for engaging in fun-learning activities. As wonderworks teaches you interesting concepts through its activities and rides, this place is mostly super crowded. People wait in long queues at the counters to buy tickets. If you plan to buy tickets to wonderworks at the location, chances are that you wait for hours with no surety as the tickets are frequently sold out. To escape this situation, you must book the tickets online in advance to grab the date and time of your choice. Besides the freedom of choice in booking your date, the online booking system offers you wonderworks discount tickets to help you save some money.

Why Should You Book Wonderworks Orlando Tickets?

Book Ahead Your VisitBooking wonderworks Orlando tickets in advance saves you from all the potential hassle at the venue. Owing to the popularity of this Florida attraction, long queues are witnessed at the ticket counters. This might make you wait for hours to fetch your tickets. Hence, the online booking system helps you to choose your date and time of arrival.

Effortless BookingThe online booking system provides the ease of getting tickets instead of being physically present at the venue. Whether it is your busiest day at work or at the comfort of home, you can book online tickets months before your visit. In a few steps, you can ensure your fun at wonderworks with instant confirmation post booking.

Heavy ConcessionMoments before buying the tickets, the website offers you plenty of discounts, coupons, combos, promos, offs, and price slashes. You can choose the appropriate wonderworks discount tickets for your visit and save some bucks off the deal. Hence, the online booking system fixes all your traveling plans and makes your trip cost-effective.

Things to Do at Wonderworks Orlando

There are many interesting and engaging things to do at wonderworks Orlando. The recreational activities include indulging in several fun games and watching shows. With wonderworks Orlando tickets, you can enter the wonder zone for experiencing the harsh climatic conditions in the weather zone. Furthermore, you can watch 4D theater movies and the longest-running magic comedy dinner show.

The Wonderworks Story

Wonderworks Orlando tickets let you access all the wonder zones making you feel that you have entered another dimension. The Tesla Coil zone is where you can witness the wonders of the electric current and voltage relationship. The space discovery zone for wearing a replica of the space suit.

The Wonder Zones

You can start exploring from the extreme weather wonder zone to experience what it is like to be in a hurricane, earthquake, and extreme cold. There are multiple zones for you to enjoy like the imagination lab is there for some block-building activities for children and the wonderful art gallery presents optical illusions.

4D XD Motion Theater

The 12-seater 4D theater lets you experience a 3D movie with intense simulations. The theater with special effects and motion seats produces rapid vibrations when a cartoon movie is played. canyon roller coaster, Dino Safari 3D, and Wild West mine are some epic 4D shows for you.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course

The glow-in-dark adventure lets you climb up to 36 ft high at the top of wonderworks. You can take this challenge to cross multiple obstacles to climb the ropes like Tarzan. The suspension bridges, swinging beams, and a multitude of ropes test your fitness levels and keep you thrilled.


The laser tag zone of wonderworks lets you fight with vibrant lasers. Wonderworks Orlando tickets give you access to a backlit laser tag zone for an epic light battle using fast and Innovative technology. You can compete with your friends to outrun them or hide from them in a game of laser cat and mouse.

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

Staying true to its name, the outta control magic comedy dinner show is a gorgeous combination of food and laughter! The performers entertain you through their unique blend of comedy and magic that keeps you engaged and astonished throughout the show. You enjoy the show while having the yummiest pepperoni pizza, fresh cheese, dessert, and some alcoholic beverages.

Know Before You Book Wonderworks Orlando Tickets

How to Reach
  • Through wonderworks Orlando tickets, enter the enchanting wonder zones for 100+ fun and learning activities.
  • Experience the speeds of a real-life hurricane at 74 mph in the weather zone.
  • Witness the cold at 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sit in the earthquake cafe to feel a live tectonic plate movement.
  • Wear a replica of a space suit in the space discovery zone.
  • Sit in the 4D XD theater to feel simulations of a roller coaster and dinosaur escape.
  • Fight with your friends in the laser tag zone.
  • Indulge in rope climbing activity to reach 36fr high top point.
  • Explore the bubble lab for large inventions.
  • Laugh, and eat while watching Magic Comedy Dinner Show.

As wonderworks are open every 09:00 AM to 12:00 AM, you can enjoy Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show between 06:00 to 08:00 PM.

By Cab/Taxi: The address of wonderworks is 9067 International Dr, Orlando.You can take a cab/taxi from Orlando City Center to reach Wonderworks at a distance of 10.8 miles in 17-18 minutes.

  • Wonderworks showcases flashing lights, laser beams, and intense stimulation. You might get uncomfortable if you have vitiligo, seizures, diabetes, chronic neck ache or backache, etc.
  • You must wear closed shoes like sneakers and sports shoes if you have access through tickets to wonderworks and all of its attractions.
  • The minimum height for the wonder coaster ride is 4 ft for a single rider and 3’6 ft for an adult.
  • The minimum height for the rope course is 4 ft for a single rider and 3’6 ft for an adult.
  • The maximum height for the rope course is 6’8 ft.
  • The maximum weight for the rope course is not more than 300 lbs.
  • The minimum height for the astronaut training gyro is 4’6 ft and the maximum height is 6’2 ft.
  • The maximum weight for the astronaut training gyro is not more than 225 lbs.
  • The minimum height for a 4D XD theater is 3’4 ft.

FAQs of wonderworks Orlando Tickets

Why is Wonderworks Orlando so famous?

The main motto of Wonderworks Orlando's entertainment zone is fun-learning. Wonderworks Orlando is popular because it lets you experience rare activities like the Harsh Climate wonder zone. You can enter this zone to feel closest to a real-life hurricane, the coldest temperatures, sit in an earthquake-like environment, and many more. It lets you understand scientific facts like the relationship between voltage, and current through the popular Tesla Coil.

How to book Wonderworks Orlando Tickets Online?

You can book wonderworks Orlando tickets anytime from the website. You can choose the wonderworks ticket variant of your choice and go through all the inclusions. Post your decision, you can directly get them within a few clicks. Moments after the booking, you will receive a confirmation message with all the relevant details.

Which is the best way to book Wonderworks Orlando Tickets?

The best way to book tickets to wonderworks is through a website. The online booking system offers you the convenience of booking tickets anytime from anywhere. You can book the tickets months before your arrival without waiting in the long queues. Besides the ease, a website lets you buy wonderworks discount tickets for saving your money.

How to reach Wonderworks Orlando?

You can take a cab/taxi from Orlando City Center to reach Wonderworks in 17-18 minutes, covering a distance of 10.8 miles.

What is the best time to visit Wonderworks Orlando?

If you have wonderworks Orlando tickets, the best time to visit wonderworks is during the early morning hours around 10:00 AM. This is because this place is less crowded for you to enjoy the peace and explore each and every zone inside.

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