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About Kennedy Space Center

Located on Merritt Island in Florida is the Kennedy Space Center, which is a United States National Historic Landmark that illustrates NASA’s space program over the years. Kennedy Space Center is a paradise for space enthusiasts who are keen on space exploration and witnessing some of the most sophisticated technological advancements in human history. If you are interested in watching rocket launches, training like an astronaut, getting a close-up view of real rockets and walking on the moon, you must go on Kennedy Space Center tours to enjoy a delightful and once-in-a lifetime experience close to space.

The Space Center is filled up with interactive exhibits, engaging displays and theatre shows about NASA’s achievements in space and the heroic astronauts behind them. These educational yet entertaining attractions provide valuable information to people of all ages about space research. Kennedy Space Center tours offer various packages and deals on your tickets which makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the city.

Book Kennedy Space Center Tickets Online

You can choose to buy your Kennedy Space Center tickets directly from the physical counter at the activity location but it can be exhausting to stand in long queues at the entrance. On the other hand, you can buy your tickets online from the comfort of your home to plan your travel as per convenience. The entry ticket also includes skip-the-line access as well to save money and the time spent in long lines. Online booking lets you avail great deals to book Kennedy Space Center cheap tickets and get cash back offers. You also get an unbelievable Kennedy Space Center tickets discount while booking combo packages online.

Kennedy Space Center Tickets Options

Kennedy Space Center Day Tickets + Admission to the Explore Tour

Book this combo package to avail Kennedy Space Center cheap tickets that include admission to the space centre and KSC Explore Tour under a single permit. The entry tickets give you access to all the exhibits of the space centre where you can learn all about the history of space flights, see shuttle launches, and picture yourself near the Atlantis Space Shuttle. The Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) Explore Tour is an informative tour in a luxurious air-conditioned bus through the NASA grounds. The professional guide on the Explore Tour is a space expert who will give valuable information and fascinating facts about space travel.

Kennedy Space Center Tour with Access to ICON Park

Make use of Kennedy Space Centre deals to book Kennedy Space Center cheap tickets that include a tour around the space centre as well as an entry to the ICON Park. These Kennedy Space Center tickets give you access to enjoy restricted areas, meet an astronaut based on availability and walk beneath the renowned Saturn V rocket. If the astronaut is unavailable, the event will be replaced by a tour around Space Shuttle Atlantis. You can also use the tickets to enter the ICON Park and get on The Wheel to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the locality.

Kennedy Space Center -Day Admission + Skip the Line Ticket

Avail Kennedy Space Center deals to enjoy a fun-filled day around the Space Centre and experience the thrill of being close to space. The Kennedy Space Center 1-Day Admission + Skip the Line Ticket package grants you entry into the space centre and gives you the privilege of skipping the long queues at the entrance. The admission ticket lets you witness all the exhibits, shows, events and attractions in the space centre like Space Shuttle Atlantis, Shuttle Launch Experience, and IMAX Spacefilms. You can also go on the KSC Explore Tour along with an expert guide to learn more about space with these Kennedy Space Center tickets.

Advantages of Booking Kennedy Space Center Tickets

  • Convenience

Booking Kennedy Space Center Tickets online gives you plenty of ticket options to choose from and so, you can draft your itinerary based on the ticket option of your choice. You can also select the date and time of your visit as per convenience as well as enjoy the ease of saving money and time while buying tickets online.

  • Advance Reservations

Kennedy Space Centre is a famous tourist destination with a plethora of space exhibits and new space missions being initiated. But, with limited capacity, it is possible to run out of tickets while waiting in long queues at the ticket counter. Hence, book your tickets in advance with online booking to reserve your slot.

  • Great Discounts

Go easy on your pockets by booking tickets online at a much discounted price. Avail Kennedy Space Center tickets discount and deals on combo packages to book Kennedy Space Center cheap tickets that include admission to the space center, Explore Tours, Shuttle Launch and IMAX Movie.

  • Free Cancelation

Enjoy a hassle-free booking process while buying tickets to the Kennedy Space Centre online. Cancellation requests raised 24 hours before your scheduled arrival will be given full refund and cancelling any time after that will not be compensated.

Things to Experience at Kennedy Space Center

Rocket Garden

Rocket Garden is a public display of missiles, rockets and space launch vehicles in an outdoor space. The rockets put-on shows are real but expendable which have not been flown or were abandoned after cancelled missions. You can find eminent space vehicles like Delta II, Juno 1, Mercury – Redstone, Mercury – Atlas, Gemini – Titan II and Saturn 1B.

U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

Kennedy Space Center commemorates and honours the American astronauts who worked incessantly on various space projects and explorations at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Visitors can learn all about these space heroes through the engaging displays and exhibits portraying their lives. This wonderful gallery is the world’s largest collection of the astronauts’ personal memorabilia.

Heroes and Legends

Indulge in an enthralling experience to relive the excitement and dangers of America’s earliest space missions and the astronauts behind them. The show uses engaging exhibits, cutting-edge technology and other interactive elements to introduce the heroes and legends of the NASA space program. You can witness the Redstone rocket along with Sigma 7 capsule and Gemini 9 Capsule during the event.

Saturn V Rocket

Get up close and catch a detailed view of America’s moon rocket, Saturn V at the Apollo/ Saturn V Center. Regarded as a pinnacle of human engineering and space travel, the Saturn V Rocket is 363 feet long and is the largest rocket ever flown into space. The center also has exhibits portraying the assembly of the rocket and the 400,000 people who helped in it.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

As an icon of NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program, Space Shuttle Atlantis is one of the three US shuttles that have flown into space. The entrance to this gallery is a breathtaking piece of design with two solid rocket boosters and an orange tank. Atlantis is displayed like how astronauts viewed her in space with payload doors open, rotated 43.21 degrees and Canadarm extended.

Journey to Mars

Dedicated to NASA’s expedition to Mars, the Journey to Mars is an interactive gallery that tells about what is currently happening in NASA. It gives a glimpse of NASA’s plans to explore deep space, the Red Planet Mars, asteroids and the moon. Explore the replicas of Mars Rovers and test your knowledge on space by playing on interactive games and simulators.

Know Before you Book Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Location and How to Reach
Opening Hours and Best Time to Visit
Dining and Shopping
  1. Location:

Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

  1. How to reach:
  • By bus: The nearest bus station to Kennedy Space Centre is Australian Ave at Worthington Road which is a 9-minute walk from the centre. Bus lines 11, 13, 111, 436S, 51 stop near the space centre.

  • By train: Board a train to West Palm Beach Station and from there walk to the space centre in 42 minutes.

  • By flight: The nearest airports to Kennedy Space Centre are Orlando International Airport and Daytona Beach International Airport.

  • By car: The space centre is well connected with nearby cities like Orlando, Daytona Beach, Miami and Cocoa Beach. It has a well-developed parking space with ample facilities at the visitor complex.

  • Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 5 PM

  • Best time to visit:

The best time to go on Kennedy Space Center Tours is during October, November, January, February or May.

To avoid heavy crowds, it is recommended to visit during weekday mornings, especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Plan ahead and buy your Kennedy Space Center tickets online in advance as it is a popular destination and hence can get crowded during peak times.
  • Arrive early as soon as the space centre opens to witness all the exhibits, go on Kennedy Space Center tours and see everything the centre has to offer.
  • Bring your camera and telephoto lens to snap pictures of rockets and capture the magnificent rocket launches from the visitor complex.
  • Have cash in hand as many stores and restaurants inside the space centre do not accept credit cards.
  • If you are going to spend a full day at the space centre, bring water and sunscreen as it can get really hot.

1 Dining

  • Rocket Garden Cafe: best known for their breakfast menu, the place serves delicious taste prepared with quality ingredients.

  • Moon Rock Cafe: best known for their vast range of sandwiches, served in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Orbit Cafe:** the cafe is perfect for lunch, offering you all the American delights from sandwiches to burgers.

  • Milky Way: known for its vast range of ice cream flavors.Space Dots: enjoy high quality ice creams in different flavors.

  • Red Rock Grill: best known for their steaks and other American delights, offering Cuban Dog, Quarter pound all-beef hot dog with sliced ham, Swiss cheese, and many more.

  1. Shopping
  • The Space Shop: Offers amazing space themed items from hats to apparels, with a special kidz zone section.

  • The Right Stuff: Best known for providing Apollo program memorabilia and moon landing souvenirs.

FAQs of Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Can I buy Kennedy Space Center tickets online?

Yes, you can buy Kennedy Space Center Tickets online by selecting the date and time of arrival as and the required ticket option. The officials at the space centre also recommend buying the tickets online as there is only limited capacity and the tickets are subject to availability.

How much does the Kennedy Space Center ticket cost?

The Kennedy Space Center ticket costs between USD 70-80 per adult and USD 60-70 per child. The Atlantis Annual Pass ranges from 120 USD to 149 USD.

Has the Kennedy Space Center reopened for the public?

Yes, Kennedy Space Centre has reopened for the public on May 28, 2020 with limited capacity. As of June 14, 2021, the space centre has revised its operating time and has extended the working hours. Since the reopening, new attractions, exhibits and dining options are also included in the space centre.

Are discounts available on the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex online tickets?

Yes, Kennedy Space Center tickets discount is available while booking online. Tickets at a much reduced price are available for children which can be availed by showing a valid ID proof at the entrance. You can also make use of seasonal Kennedy Space Center deals to get price cuts on the admission ticket.

Which facilities do my Kennedy Space Center tickets give access to?

Kennedy Space Center Tickets give you access to all the exhibits and attractions like Rocket Garden, U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, Heroes and Legends, The Apollo-Saturn V Center, Journey To Mars, Space Shuttle Atlantis, IMAX theatre and Universe Theater and Mission Control: Apollo

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