Places to Visit in Orlando

Popular Attractions in Orlando

One of the most visited cities in the world, there are several places to visit in Orlando, attracting millions of tourists every year. The weather is all-year-round near-perfect, making it pleasurable to stroll by the streets of Orlando. One of the most popular Orlando attractions is the Walt Disney World resort, which is home to various exciting, thrilling, and fun theme parks such as the Animal Kingdom, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the Universal studios.

If you wish to further explore the city, you can visit attractions such as the Kennedy Space Centre, which demonstrates the NASA operations, the Fun Spot America, which is home to experiences catering to every age group, and the SeaWorld Orlando, housing some rare marine life.

If you are looking to indulge in nature, you can visit the Discovery Cove, where you also get to enjoy activities such as snorkelling and diving among the Coral Reefs. Other known Orlando attractions include the Harry P.Leu Gardens, Disney Springs, Avatar Flight of Passage, and many others. You can also find a dozen restaurants, and some incredible golf courses, making your visit to Orlando interesting and fun.

Walt Disney World

One of the most popular among the famous Orlando attractions is the Walt Disney World resort. Open to the public since 1971, this attraction is home to four theme parks, two incredible water parks, a shopping area, an entertainment section, a massive broad walkway, and about 28 Disney accommodations. Some of the most noteworthy parks include the Magic Kingdom, which houses the Castle of the popular Disney princess, Cinderella. You can also indulge in experiences such as Epcot's Spaceship Earth, Hollywood studios, and the Animal Kingdom. If visiting the Walt Disney World during the evening or at night, do not forget to view the spectacular fireworks show.

Seaworld Orlando

Yet another top rated places to visit in Orlando, the Seaworld Orlando houses some large aquariums along with several exciting shows. You can also indulge in the thrilling rides present here, and can also visit the touch pool. Tours such as behind-the-scenes and the manatee rehabilitation centre are some of the more interesting things to do here. You can also visit the dolphin nursery.The rides in this park include some famous roller coasters such as the Mako hyper coaster, the Manta roller coaster, and the Kraken Virtual reality coaster.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Located in the Universal Theme Park, the Wizarding World of Harry is among the popular places to visit in Orlando, especially for kids. Exhibits such as the Hogwarts Castle, the Hogwarts Express, and Hogsmeade are present here. You can also explore the Dragon Alley, which goes up to the Universal Studios Park. It is recommended to buy an express pass here, to enjoy as many rides as you wish to, within your planned time schedule.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Another interesting exhibit at the Universal Theme park is the Universal Islands of Adventure, which is home to eight distinctly themed islands. Each island is unique in nature and is dedicated to a specific film franchise. Some of the Islands found here are Seuss Island, The Lost Continent, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, Skull Island, Reign of Kong, and the Marvel Superhero Island. It is a great place to visit with family and friends, and is especially wonderful for the kids.

Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park

The Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park is set up in a more natural setting, providing interesting interactive experiences along with live entertainment. There are various attractions and rides to visit when in this theme park. Some of the most popular experiences here also include the Festival of Lion King, and the Animation Experience at Conservation Station. You can also choose to indulge in some fine dining experiences here, and relish desserts from Asian.and African cuisines

Universal Studios Florida

One of the most popular parts of the Universal Theme park, the Universal Studios Florida was designed to impart a smooth filmmaking experience to visitors. It is a must among places to visit in Orlando, and houses some exciting and thrilling rides. This park also lets you immerse in the wet rides, and hence, it is recommended to carry an extra pair of clothes when visiting this attraction.

Discovery Cove

Situated next to the SeaWorld Orlando, the Discovery Cove is one of the prime Orlando attractions to visit. You can indulge in several exciting experiences here, such as snorkelling in the Coral Reef, underwater diving, wading, and swimming along with dolphins. The Cove is present in a natural setting, and also has a river nearby to relax and stroll by. You also get to explore the exotic birds present here, and if you are looking to relax, you can splash in pools or refresh in the lounge chair on the beach.

Disney Springs

One of the most popular attractions, the Disney Springs is a must among places to visit in Orlando with your family and friends, including the kids. There are several experiences you can indulge in here, such as the live music, and various shows. You can immerse in experiences such as AdventHealth Waterside Stage, Aerophile, AMC Disney, Coca-cola Polar bear Photo-op experience, Disney Springs Art Walk, The Edison live entertainment, Exposition park, and Flavours of Florida.

Magic Kingdom Park

The Magic Kingdom Park is one of the most noted Disney attractions, as it lets you indulge in a world of fantasy with its various exhibits, shows, and themes. You can find yourself amidst the classic adventures, in the Magic is Calling exhibit, while visiting the Beacons of Magic exhibit lets you explore the beautiful Cinderella Castle. Other popular attractions here include the Country Bear Jamboree, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Hall of Presidents, Jungle Cruise, and the Haunted mansion.There are several fine dining experiences available too, including the Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

Avatar Flight of Passage

If you are looking for some Aerial adventures, look no further than the Avatar Flight of Passage experience, which is also one of the best Orlando attractions. Located in the Pandora-The World of Avatar at the Animal Kingdom Theme Park, this attraction lets you experience a 3D flight over the otherworldly region of Pandora. This is also known to be one of the most thrilling experiences in Orlando.

Fun Spot America

As the name of this attraction suggests, the Fun Spot America has got something for everyone, and is one the best places to visit in Orlando. You can indulge in arcade games and several exciting thrill rides here. Some of the rides include the Library swing, White Lightning, Freedom Flyer, Mine Blower, Hurricane, Splash Pad, Skycoaster, Go-Karts, Galaxy Spin, and the Funhouse. This is a great place to spend your evening in Orlando, if you are looking for a lively ambience, and some fun rides.

Kennedy Space Centre

When in Orlando, take a day trip to the Kennedy Space Centre, and view the best known operation centres of NASA here. This is one of the most fun and exciting places to visit in Orlando, for both kids and adults alike. You can immerse yourself in exhibits such as the Heroes and Legends, which introduce you to the history of space program research and its pioneers. You can also visit the U.S Astronaut Hall of Fame, and the Rocket garden, which is home to both Apollo and Gemini flight programs. Another noteworthy exhibit here is the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and you can also explore the 60 other attractions present here.

FAQ's of Orlando

Is there anything in Orlando besides Disney?

Yes, there are several Orlando attractions you can visit apart from Disney, such as the SeaWorld Orlando, Fun Spot America, and the Kennedy Space Centre. You can also indulge in experiences such as kayaking the Springs, snorkelling, boat tours, and exploring the beautiful gardens.

What is the number one tourist attraction in Orlando Florida?

Situated in Lake Buena Vista, near Orlando, the Walt Disney World is considered to be the top Orlando attractions to visit and experience. With several exciting exhibitions and experiences, the Walt Disney World is also home to various beautiful theme parks, and is also among the largest in the World.

How can I spend 4 days in Orlando?

You can easily spend a day in the famous Disney World adventure, exploring the distinct theme parks it houses. You can also visit the famous Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Florida, Volcano Bay. Furthermore, you can even explore the SeaWorld Orlando, and the Orlando science centre. There are several places to visit in Orlando, so you need not worry about things to do or activities to indulge in.

What is Orlando Florida best known for?

Known for a vibrant nightlife, along with the popular Disney World and the Universal studios theme parks and experiences, Orlando is home to some popular tourist attractions. It also houses some of the best shopping malls, golf courses, and exquisite dining experiences.

Which is the most popular attraction in Orlando?

The most popular among several Oralndo attractions is the Walt Disney World Resort, for it is home to several theme parks and experiences such as the Magic Kingdom Park, Disney Springs, Universal Islands of Adventure, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.It also houses several shopping malls, restaurants, theatres, and live music experiences.

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