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Get your Discovery Cove Orlando tickets and encounter unique wildlife in Orlando, Florida. Get a chance to swim with dolphins, snorkel with stingrays, and more.Discovery Cove is one of Central Florida's most popular attractions, offering a unique experience unlike any other. There are several different packages available depending on how much time you want to spend at the park and what you want to do there.

If you're looking for a day trip that's fun for the whole family, consider Discovery Cove in Orlando. This aquatic park features more than 1,000 acres of natural habitat where you can swim with dolphins and explore the tropical rainforest. With its exclusive access to a private beach, relaxing spa services and unforgettable animal encounters with dolphins & sea lions, Discovery Cove is the ultimate family adventure vacation. The park features an array of wildlife experiences that will thrill you and make adventure a regular part of your lexicon as you travel from one attraction to the next. Discovery Cove is a unique experience that combines extreme excitement with discovery. If you're looking for fun and excitement on your next vacation, look no further than Discovery Cove in Orlando!

Why to Book Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets?

Buying Discovery Cove tickets can be done with ease online. The prices of the tickets vary according to the time of the year, so it is better to book your tickets in advance. If you want to spend a day at this beautiful place, then you should consider buying discovery cove Orlando tickets.

If you are looking forward to exploring Orlando, Florida, and its nearby area, then book online tickets to visit all the popular theme parks, museums, attractions, and hotels before your arrival. There are several packages available for purchase at Discovery Cove including Dolphin Swim Package, Dolphin Royal Swim Package, Dolphin Explorer Swim Package, Dolphin Trainer for a Day Package, Sea Lion Up Close Tour, Shark Week Tour, and Turtle Trek Tour (which includes up-close encounters). Each package has different options that allow tourists to select what they need.

Get the Best Deals on Discovery Cove Orlando tickets

If you're looking for discovery cove Orlando discount tickets, there are many websites offering great discounts. Check our packages:

Signature Dolphin Swim Package

Ever wonder what it feels like to swim with a dolphin? The signature dYou'll be able to enjoy the majestic beauty of these animals as they play around in their natural habitat, before going on an amazing adventure into their sea-themed habitats. This is one of the most popular activities at Discovery Cove, so if you want to ensure that you get in on the action, make sure you book your tickets early!

Signature Dolphin Swim Package + SeaWorld and Aquatica Combo tickets

You'll get to take your family on an amazing vacation to get up close and personal with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. You'll be able to enjoy all of the fun activities that Discovery Cove has to offer, including the Dolphin Swim package, which will give you the chance to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. You'll also get tickets to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando, so you can experience some of the best attractions that Florida has to offer!

Discovery Cove - Ultimate Day Resort with Dolphin Swim Package

With our Signature Dolphin Swim Package, you will have access to all the exciting and fun experiences at Discovery Cove which include a 1-hour dolphin experience, unlimited admission to SeaWorld and Aquatica, and much more!Spend a full day interacting with animals, relaxing on secluded beaches, and eating freshly prepared meals. This E-Ticket will allow you to enjoy one of our most popular attractions: Dolphin Caye. Dolphin Caye is an amazing experience where guests get the chance to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat at Discovery Cove. You'll be able to play with them and get up close and personal with one of nature's most beautiful creatures!

Advantages to Book Discovery Cove Orlando Online

Booking discovery cove Orlando discount tickets online is the most convenient way to get tickets for your day at the park. You will also have a much more pleasant experience when you book in advance because you won’t have to wait in long lines when you arrive at the park.

When you book online, you can get a discovery cove Orlando tickets discount; this means that you will spend less money on your trip than if you had booked through other methods. Another advantage is that it allows you to make changes easily if something happens while planning your vacation or if someone gets sick before leaving for the trip.

  • Advance Booking - You can gain access to the best deals by booking Discovery Cove Orlando online as early as possible. This is because there are many people who want to visit this park and they may not all be able to fit into one day. You may also find that if you wait until the last minute, the park could be sold out on certain days. If you book online, you will have more time to decide which day works best for your schedule and budget.

  • Special Discounts and Deals -Many times there are special discounts and deals available on discovery cove orlando ticket prices only through booking Discovery Cove Orlando online with us. This can include discounts on tickets or even a free upgrade from standard admission tickets to VIP admission tickets. These deals are usually not available at all times so we highly recommend checking verified portals for these great special discounts!

  • Convenient - When you book discovery cove tickets orlando online, you can choose a date and time that works best for your schedule. If there are only a few spots left during your ideal time frame, you may have to wait until more become available. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can search hundreds of travel sites simultaneously and find exactly what you want at the best price for a discovery cove Orlando tickets discount.

Things to Experience in Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets

There's so much to do in Discovery Cove and Dolphin Cove. There are not many theme parks that let you swim with dolphins, snorkel and scuba dive, take a break to eat some fish or sip a tropical drink served in a coconut and then enjoy the ocean from two huge observation towers while spotting thousands of exotic birds on the mangrove island.

Swim with Dolphins

The dolphins are trained well and they enjoy entertaining the guests that come to swim with them. When you swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove, you will begin a lifetime of unforgettable memories. And, as your wish is our command, we guarantee that these dolphin encounters will be some of the most extraordinary moments of your life.

With dolphins, soaking up the sun while floating on crystal-clear water is an experience everyone should have at least once. To join in on this activity, you may want to consider a day trip from Orlando to Discovery Cove located in Orlando.

Have Fun with your Kids

One of the most exciting things to do in discovery cove Orlando tickets is to spend time with your kids. It is a great way to spend quality time together while enjoying something fun and exciting. You can have fun with your kids by taking them to experience something they have always wanted to do. You can take them on a swim with dolphins, play games, and enjoy the many water slides.

Eat Delicious food

There are several restaurants at Discovery Cove that serve a variety of food options. Guests can choose from American, Asian, and Latin cuisine in their restaurants. The menu features several items perfect for sharing with your family and friends, including burgers, salads, and more.There are buffet-style meals, snacks like fruit and vegetables, and a selection of drinks including coffee and tea. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby if you want to eat somewhere different after your visit to the park. You can even get some snacks from the gift shop if you’re feeling puckish during the day.

Find Souvenirs and Gifts

If you're a parent and have a family holiday planned at a theme park, then chances are you'll be looking for some last-minute souvenirs or gifts for everyone to remember the experience by. You'll find a wide variety of souvenirs from Discovery Cove as well as swimwear and accessories. In addition to souvenirs, there are plenty of gifts like complimentary sunglasses, hats, and more for your day at the park.

Explore the Grand Reef

The grand reef at discovery cove Orlando is very large. The terrain here is rocky, with rolling hills and deep canyons. Home to a variety of plant, insect, and animal life, the reef resembles rock formations found on mountainous coastlines. Prepare for a breathtaking experience, swimming with stingrays and seahorses. The thrill of coming face-to-face with your favorite sea creatures will make it all worth it.

Experience Freshwater Oasis

Freshwater Oasis offers a great way to experience what it is like to be close to unusual animals without being too close to them. The Freshwater Oasis at Discovery Cove is a unique way to experience the wonder of nature. Guests can swim with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish, explore the mangrove forest or relax on the beach.

Explore Aviary

No matter which of the experiences is your favorite, you'll love exploring the spectacular natural habitats that Discovery Cove has to offer. From lush, tropical foliage and waters teeming with colorful fish, to the unique experience of being hand-fed by your feathered friends - these unforgettable adventures will leave a lasting impression. Come experience Aviary and a wealth of birds that will have you surrounded in color, singing and marveling at the variety of species. The Aviary is home to hundreds of exotic birds, including macaws, toucans, hornbills, and cockatoos. There are several habitats in which you can enjoy these magnificent creatures.

Relax at Serenity Bay

Serenity Bay is a great place to explore and relax. The sand is white and the water is clear, making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Experience Wind Away River

Discover the joys of taking a stroll along the winding, crystal-clear water of our tropical river at Discovery Cove. The river features multiple waterfalls and is surrounded by numerous natural fauna and flora. Experience fantastic sights for a spectacular adventure to remember with discovery cove tickets Orlando today!

Know Before Booking Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets

Essential Information
Things to Know

Best Time and Opening HoursThe opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm on a daily basis, but check-in begins at 7:15 am and ends by 5:30 pm.

Location 6000 Discovery Cove WayOrlando, FL 32821

  1. Discovery Cove is a man-made, freshwater pool that's home to tons of marine animals. You can also swim with dolphins if you bring your own swimsuit.

  2. Be prepared to get wet! There's no such thing as staying dry at Discovery Cove, so bring a change of clothes afterward or make sure you can wash your suit before heading home.

  3. You can also opt for an extra $79 upgrade package with discovery cove orlando discount tickets that allows you to swim with dolphins and sea lions.

  4. The food at Discovery Cove isn't that great, but it's included in the price of admission and there are different stations throughout the park where you can grab a bite to eat (sandwiches, hot dogs, salads). They also have a gift shop where you can buy snacks or souvenirs from all over the world!

An individual with disabilities can be part of this unique experience as long as they are able to meet specific access requirements. If you are using a wheelchair or motorized scooter, please ask a team member for assistance. Discovery Cove offers complimentary wheelchairs and motorized scooters as needed.

  • There is no outside food allowed on campus, so do not bring any.
  • You can easily lose jewelry when spending time in the water, so you must keep your expensive items like jewelry at home.
  • Please bring your photo id for identification.

FAQ of Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets

How do I book a dolphin-swimming experience?

You can book dolphin swimming experiences online. Most websites offer a variety of packages, including one-off and multi-day experiences.

Do I need a reservation for Discovery Cove?

If you have a small group of friends or family members, you can book the same time slot for your visit. However, if you plan on bringing more people than that, you'll need to book multiple time slots so everyone can enjoy their time at Discovery Cove. We recommend booking as far in advance as possible because reservations fill up quickly and there's no guarantee that the date and time will be available once you arrive at the park.

Do Discovery Cove tickets include SeaWorld?

As a Discovery Cove guest, you have the option to add your SeaWorld admission to your package during booking. This will give you access to both parks for the length of your stay.

What is there to do at Discovery Cove?

Discovery Cove is a unique marine park that offers guests the opportunity to swim with dolphins, snorkel, and interact with a wide variety of sea creatures.

Do I need to be a good swimmer to do the Dolphin swim?

You should be able to swim at least 50 meters though and be comfortable in the water.

How big is Discovery Cove?

Discovery Cove is the world's largest dolphin swim park, with a total of 1.5 million gallons of water. The park also includes a 2-acre tropical beach area, two outdoor pools, and two indoor pools.

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