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About Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is the perfect place to spend your day with friends or family as the park has it all from riding roller coasters to exploring pirate ships and castles. Legoland Florida tickets allows you to enjoy various rides including Lego Racers, in which you will enjoy a carousel ride through LEGOLAND and allows you to shoot at targets along the way. Another type of ride is Ninjago The Ride, which is a rollercoaster with several loops and twists. There are also water rides such as Dragon, which takes you through an amazing aquatic experience in the world of legos.

Rides and Attractions at Legoland Florida

Aquawave Zone Racer

It is fun for the entire family and can be enjoyed by as max. 4 members at a time in one Legoland Florida tickets. The design and interactive nature of this ride make it a must-try for younger children who love speed and excitement. It is a new, high-speed ride at Legoland Florida that allows you to race against a friend, family member, or stranger on a giant wave pool. The ride features two lanes and riders will be able to choose their own speed by using the buttons on either side of the lane.

Battle of Bricksburg

Battle of Bricksburg is a fun-filled battle game that you can play with your child. It is set in the fictional town of Bricksburg which was created during the Lego Movie franchise (2014). This water ride features numerous 3D models as well as stunning visuals complete with a soundtrack. If you are an action and adventure lover you can enjoy these rides using Legoland Florida tickets. You ride in a Lego tank, shooting at your enemies with a special cannon. You get to see the battle from all angles, and you'll love how close you feel to the action!

Beetle Bounce

This fun-filled ride will send your little one on a thrilling adventure through all kinds of colorful Lego bricks and characters. Kids can build their own Lego structures and then go on a floaty ride down the slide, or they can get adventurous by jumping off the side of the platform. You'll be able to bounce on a beetle and travel through iconic scenes, like the Star Wars scene and the Jurassic World scene. You'll also get to see some of your favorite characters from these movies, like Chewbacca and Owen Grady!

Benny’s Play Ship

The play ship is designed to look like a pirate ship and has many different sections to explore. Kids will love laying with the toys in each room as they explore this activity. This set-up lets guests, pilot their own spacecraft that travels through imaginary space. Riders will be immersed in an adventure where they can choose to fight off pirates or save them, depending on their preference. The ride is built around the idea of a pirate shipwreck, which riders can explore before boarding a lifeboat to escape.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens offer several colorful, vibrant and dazzling display gardens that showcase the beauty of the flora that can be found throughout Florida. Use your Legoland Florida tickets to enter in this garden as it offers an array of educational activities and lectures throughout the year. Your trip to the botanical gardens is a pleasant one, featuring a wide array of tropical plants from around the world.

Build Your Art Gallery

This exhibit was designed to provide versatile individual workstations for art enthusiasts to display their creativity and showcase their skills in uniquely themed areas. The center has a range of activities to choose from, including building models, drawing and painting. All of these activities are appropriate for kids ages 3 and up and adults alike.

Coast Guard Academy

This water ride features sea creatures that will surprise you and challenge your own navigational expertise. You get to experience what it's like to be on a Coast Guard vessel, complete with all its equipment. This ride is perfect for anyone who loves action, adventure, or just wants to see what goes down on a daily basis at this amazing institution.


This roller coaster ride -Coastersaurus is all about fun as the ride is situated in the jungle with tall palm trees and an assortment of animated dinosaurs around. As you ride the coaster, you'll go through different scenes and discover some pretty cool stuff, like a T-Rex skeleton, a volcano, and even an ancient caveman.

DUPLO splash and play

Placed in the middle of Miniland, DUPLO Splash and Play feature interactive water features, including hand-washing stations. Children up to age five can safely splash and play in the shallow water. There is also a playground area with slides, swings and other fun things for little kids to explore.

Heartlake Stepping Stones Fountain

The Heartlake Stepping Stones Fountain is such a beautiful water fountain for kids to play at Legoland Florida. It's hard to find any better music than getting the chance to make your own music by stepping on different icons around a LEGO brick fountain and the best part is that the music changes every time you step on the different icons.

Know Before You Go Legoland Florida

How to Reach and Location
Dining & Shopping
  • The park can get hot in the summer months, so bring along lots of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and water bottles for everyone!

  • If you plan on bringing strollers or wagons, be sure to rent them at the park's entrance (or when you purchase tickets online).

  • If you have anything to store, you can keep it in the lockers by paying minimal charges.

  • Legoland Florida offers special wheelchairs for their guests' convenience including in your Legoland Florida tickets.

  • Children with disabilities, whether physical or invisible challenges such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), can enjoy Lego fun at a certified autism center.

  • The park also has the ATM, changing rooms, baby care center and many more.

  • There is also a locker room also in which you can store your belongings.

  • Opening Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM

  • Best time to Visit:The best time to go is early in the morning on weekdays or late at night on weekends, when crowds are low and lines are short. If you're looking for a more crowded experience, go on weekends or during holidays when there's more activity going on around the park—like special events or parades!

  • Location: Winter Haven, FL 33884

  • How to reach:

  • By Air

  1. You can fly into Orlando International Airport, which is about 30 minutes from Legoland Florida. The airport is served by most major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and United.
  2. If you want to save money on your flight and don't mind driving a little, you can also fly into Tampa International Airport, which is about an hour drive from Legoland Florida.
  • By Road: Legoland Florida is located in Winter Haven, Florida, about a two-hour drive from Orlando. To get there by car, take I-4 West to the Legoland Florida exit (Exit 54B). Head south on Legoland Drive and follow the signs to the entrance.

Dining Places- Whether you're looking for a quick bite or an elaborate meal, there is no shortage of amazing dining options in the park. You can even get a meal delivered directly to your hotel room using Legoland tickets florida. The park has six themed areas and there are a number of dining options in each one.

Shopping Places- Legoland Florida is a great place to shop for Lego fans. The park is filled with fun stores, and there are dozens of places to find your favorite Lego sets. If you're looking for a specific set, check out the Lego store in the Imagination Zone. There are also plenty of other stores around Legoland that sell Lego products.

FAQ's of Legoland Florida Tickets

How much would it cost to go to LEGOLAND?

Legoland tickets Florida depend on when you go, how long you stay, and lots of other factors. Prices are starting from 84$ to 200$ depending upon the number of days you stay and the number of rides you select.

Is one day enough in Legoland Florida?

No, If you want to enjoy all the rides, then a one-day visit is not enough. There are almost 50 rides and attractions for both toddlers to teens in Legoland tickets Florida. Plan for 2 days full-day visit including the LEGOLAND Water Park.

How much for the Costco LEGOLAND pass?

The Costco LEGOLAND pass is perfect for anyone who loves LEGOLAND California and visits often. The pass not only saves you money on park admission, but it's also good for other attractions within the greater Southern California area. The costs start from 89$ and can range on your requirement and number of stays.

Can you shop at Legoland Florida without buying a ticket?

Yes, you can shop at Legoland Florida without buying a ticket. There are also shops on the Main Street of the park itself. There is also a one-hour window of opportunity for theme park enthusiasts to make use of a secret get-in deal that involves an hour of park shopping without an official entry pass.

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