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About Fun Spot Orlando Tickets

Grab your Fun Spot Orlando tickets today to spend a fun-filled day at this absolute haven, especially for the adrenaline junkies. Home to two of the tallest Sky Coasters, standing at a height of almost 250 feet, this amusement park is a must-visit if you are seeking a good hair-raising thrill when visiting Florida.Fun Spot is renowned for housing the White Lightning, which is the only wooden roller coaster in Orlando. If you are looking for some more excitement and a uniquely fun experience, you can head to the Gator Spot, an oasis spanning almost 15,000 square feet, where you will meet hundreds of reptiles and birds.Use your Fun Spot America Orlando tickets to experience some of the other interesting features at the park as well. These include bumper cars, bumper boats, a 101 feet tall Ferris wheel, a huge arcade and a multi-level go-kart track. You can spend a whole day of fun and excitement with your entire family here as there is something that will appeal to everyone. The rides are of varying intensity that are suited to adults as well as children.

Buying Fun Spot Orlando Tickets Online

Book your Fun Spot Orlando tickets online to make your overall experience fun, convenient, and hassle-free. You can not only be assured to get the tickets for the date of your preference but also enjoy instant online delivery. Apart from enjoying Fun Spot Orlando discount tickets, you will have a full day at the amusement park along with unlimited access to the go-kart tracks, thrill rides, roller coasters, and Kid Spot rides. Your ticket will also cover access to the Gator Spot and you can make use of the park’s free Wi-Fi.

Advantages to book Fun Spot Orlando Tickets Online

Enjoy some of the best deals, offers and rates by booking your Fun Spot Orlando discount tickets online. Avoid standing in long queues, and thus further enhance your thrilling experience at the park by making it convenient and easy. Moreover, by getting your tickets online in advance you can also be assured of getting the tickets according to your preferred dates.

  • Enjoy the benefits of booking in advance

Get your Fun Spot Orlando tickets online to enjoy the advantages of booking in advance and thus making sure that you get the dates in accordance with your preference. The fun park is quite popular in the city and tends to get completely booked. So enjoy scheduling your time by booking online and in advance, and ensure that your plans do not get compromised. - Make your overall experience convenient and hassle-free

When you decide to book your Fun Spot Orlando tickets online, you automatically save yourself the hassle of having to stand in long queues in the heat at the venue. You can now get the tickets easily from the comforts of your home, office, or even when you are on the move.

  • Get some of the most lucrative offers and rates

If you book online, you can also avail of some of the best deals, discounts, offers, and enjoy great Fun Spot Orlando discount tickets. However, you will completely miss out on these offers if you were to get your tickets at the venue in person.

Explore Parks in Fun Spot Orlando

This fun park is the best outlet for all thrill seekers looking for an exciting day out with friends and family. Use your Fun Spot America Orlando tickets and scream out loud on the adrenaline pumping roller coasters and thrill rides. Whether it is enjoying the arcade games or trying out your luck at the Midway games, there is something for everyone at the park and even kids and large families can have a great time here.

Orlando Arcade Midway

Enjoy playing the latest arcade games with your friends at the Orlando Arcade Midway section with your Fun Spot Orlando tickets. Spanning a massive area of almost 10,000 square feet the Arcade offers something for everyone to play and enjoy. Choose from a wide variety of games and get a chance to win exciting prizes that you can claim from the redemption counter. Head further down and try your luck at the classical Midway games such as Balloon Bust, Hot Shot, Water Gun fun, and Kiddie High Striker. If you are unable to invoke Lady Luck here, move over and test your skills on Hang Time or just claim a seat and race along at Roll a Ball.

Orlando Coasters

Fun Spot is home to two of the highest coasters in the city and a great place for adrenaline junkies. Grab this opportunity to ride Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster that will take you back to the olden days of Coney Island. However, the smooth ride that goes up to a speed of almost 48 miles per hour will dispel all doubts about its mettle and strength. Enjoy great views of the park from a height as you experience the thrills of gravity-driven speed and unexpected airtime. If this is not thrilling enough, go over to the steel suspended inverted coaster at Freedom Flyer. Touching speeds of almost 34 miles per hour, this family friendly coaster will take you through nerve racking tight turns with heavy G forces while your feet dangle above the crowds.

Orlando Family Rides

Enjoy this section with your Fun Spot Orlando tickets and spend quality family time on some of the most fun and innovative rides in the park. Catch a breathtaking view of the entire park from high up in the air on the Ferris Wheel especially in the night when it is beautifully illuminated. Sit on the Bumper Cars and bump all you want as you try your hand at driving these cute versions of cars. Hear over to Firecracker where a circular gondola standing almost 5 stories tall takes you on a bouncing and rotating ride while also moving vertically. If all the bumping was not enough, go to Bumper Boats, Scrambler, or Tilt-a-Whirl and hang on for dear life.

Orlando Go-Karts

Fun Spot Orlando tickets will give you access to some of the most exciting go-karting tracks ranging from extreme and multi-level quad corkscrew yellow track to multi-level double corkscrew Florida Ski Jump figure 8 blue track, and the Thrasher track. They also come well equipped with all the safety measures in place including exclusive speed control that lend track operators additional levels of safety with fun. Try out the various tracks such as the Commander, Quad Helix, Conquest, or Thrasher which is meant for single riders. You can also go for the multi-level Go-Karts that come in unique designs and incorporate hairpin turns, steep hills and high speed, which give you the kind of thrill you would expect on a racetrack.

Orlando Kiddie Rides

When it comes to its youngest guests, the park leaves no stone unturned to give them the time of their life. There is an entire section dedicated to kid friendly rides such as the vibrantly colored giant tea cups that take you for a spin or the classic kiddie swings that are the little children never tire of. They are made more fun here as the chairs not only take you for a twirl but also swing up and around as they gain speed. Go over to the fun Super Trucks where the young drivers get to turn the wheel and honk horns. There are also other interesting rides such as the Fun Slide, Happy Swing, and Sea Serpent which are bound to bring a smile on your little ones’ faces.

Orlando Thrill Rides

If you are looking for some adrenaline pumping activities, Fun Spot Orlando will definitely not let you down. The park is replete with some of the most innovative and interesting thrill rides that will make your voice go hoarse and turn your knuckles white. Hop aboard the unique Red Curl with dips that will squeeze you out by the time you come out. To top it all, it also swings backwards while making you spin round and round, with loud music blasting in the background. Get an aerial view of the park from the 90-feet tall Liberty Swing, look at the world upside down on Headrush 360, go on the gravity defying Enterprise, and sit on the world’s second tallest SkyCoaster.

Know Before you Book Fun Spot Orlando

Essential Information
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Timing and opening hours:2 PM – 12 AM, everyday (this is however, subject to season and other variations).

  • Location and how to reachLocation: Fun Spot Orlando, 5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, FL 32819, located just off International Drive.By BusThe best way to reach Fun Spot Orlando is by bus with several transit lines having routes that pass by Funspot, such as Bus 08 on the Red Line. The nearest bus station is Intl Dr & FunSpot Way, from where the park is at a distance of around 2 minutes by foot.By Car/TaxiYou can also take a taxi or drive down to Fun Spot Orlando by first reaching the 5200 International Dr And Fun Spot Way. From here you can reach the Wheel at Fun Spot which is 5 km away, in about 18 minutes.

All children above the height of 2 feet will have to go with a valid ticket irrespective of age.- The SkyCoaster is not included in the ticket and will cost you an additional $40.- Carry sunscreen, hats, and water as you will be expected to stay outdoors for long hours in the sun.- Wear closed toed shoes especially if you wish to visit the Funhouse.

  • There are no locker facilities available, so do not carry expensive belongings to the park.
  • There are stroller rentals available here.
  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed in the park.
  • If you take your dogs, you have to keep them on a leash at all times.

  • No outside food or drink is allowed inside the park.

  • All drones are prohibited here.

FAQs of Fun Spot Orlando Tickets

What is the cost of Fun Spot Orlando Tickets ?

Fun Spot Orlando tickets will cost you about $40 for a single adult. They also have several passes available where the costs may vary. It is recommended to check the prices online to avoid confusion.

How to book Fun Spot Orlando Tickets online ?

You can book your Fun Spot America Orlando tickets online by visiting the website and opting for your preferred date. Booking your ticket online is the best way to enjoy your day at the park as it becomes easier and more convenient.

What can be the benefits I get from online booking of Fun Spot Orlando Tickets ?

By booking online you can enjoy the best rates, offers, and deals as well as lucrative Fun Spot Orlando discount tickets. Moreover, you avoid standing in long queues in the Florida heat as you get to book from the comforts of your home.

Can you bring food or drinks into The Fun Spot?

The authorities at Fun Spot Orlando do not allow visitors to bring in outside food and drinks to the park. However, you can get a birthday cake if you are planning to have a birthday celebration here. You can try out the fun food options at the park or leave the park and return after eating as long as you have the armband on.

Do you need a reservation to have a birthday party?

Yes, you need to have a reservation to have a birthday party at Fun Spot Orlando. You can book your party online and make the reservation with a $50 deposit.

How tall do you have to be to drive the go karts?

The minimum height requirement for Go-Karts in Fun Spot Orlando is 54″ or 36″ with an adult. For Thrasher however, the minimum height requirement is 60”.

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